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Formal/Black Tie Dress Hire

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Sonya Moda Nour Forest Green Shimmer Dress

$119 to hire

Lia Stublla Blue Iridescent Ball Gown

$499 to hire

Eliya The Label Rosanna Dress

$149 to hire

Lexi Aries Set- Lilac

$129 to hire

Tania Olsen Taipei Gown Black

$169 to hire

Tania Olsen Vivienne PO2303 Emerald Gown

$159 to hire

Toni Maticevski Suffix Black Gown

$399 to hire

Meraki Crescent Sequin Paneled Strapless Gown- Black

$229 to hire

Meraki Rose Satin Sleeve Crepe Gown- Black

$289 to hire

Christopher Esber Double Moodstone One Shoulder Midi Dress- Black

$199 to hire

Lexi Pyla Gown- Black

$139 to hire

Rachel Gilbert Eli Crystal Embellished Gown

$349 to hire

Rachel Gilbert Kat Ruched Gown- Navy

$289 to hire

Rachel Gilbert Lukas Crystal-embellished Strapless Gown

$349 to hire

Solace London Alexis Gown- Red

$249 to hire

Albina Dyla Royal Gown- Red

$399 to hire

Rachel Gilbert Sadie Fringed Gown

$429 to hire

Toni Maticevski Victoria Gown Black

$279 to hire

Toni Maticevski Suffix Off-shoulder Crêpe Gown

$399 to hire

Self Portrait Sequined Blue Dress

$289 to hire

Lexi Oasis Cobalt Dress

$139 to hire